Have been a vegan 7 years now after mostly vegetarian -- switched for the same reasons you are and don't regret it a bit! My spouse feels the same way, and not even my once dairy-loving kids will touch meat, eggs or dairy anymore. We all think it's gross now. Recommended substitutes: Chao, Miyokos and Daiya cheeses (including Daiya cream cheeses). Just Mayo and Just Ranch instead of regular mayo and ranch dressing. My favorite plant-based milk is Ripple. Earth Balance tubs instead of dairy butter, and Earth Balance sticks instead of butter sticks for baking. Ben and Jerry's nondairy instead of dairy ice creams. Nut or soy-based yogurts. It's true that these may not all taste as good as dairy and egg products at first, but you will come to prefer them over time. I loved cheese as much as anyone, and I can't even stand the taste when I accidentally get some dairy cheese now. Your tastes will change so much! And waiting a while for your tastes to change is a whole lot easier than being a spent dairy cow facing the captive bolt gun and her neck slit open. Watch undercover dairy and egg videos if you ever feel tempted. As for the ridicule, well, that just comes with anything positive. The first people to say smoking will kill people? To say seat belts should be mandatory? To say women should have the right to vote or children shouldn't have to work? To say no one should be enslaved? To say gay people should be able to marry? There's a giant pile of shit between current suffering and injustice and a better world. Every time one of us gets some shit thrown at us, the pile get smaller -- and the better tomorrow all the closer to reality. So be prepared to take some shit for being an ethical leader, for being different, for speaking the truth for those who have no voice. And take it proudly, because it's the price to pay for being awesome and effecting positive change in this world. :)

November 19, 2017, 11:56 pm